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This page is meant to answer common questions to try and minimise unnecessary emails.

Do you know a question that could be added here? Please contact and let us know! 

Where is Pedal Projects located?

In a very small town called Flateyri, which is in the north-west of Iceland.

Are Pedal Projects pedals mass produced?

No, every single pedal is hand made from scratch and no work is outsourced.

How many work at Pedal Projects?

Two people currently and the workload is immense!

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we will ship to any country in the world but please check out the shipping page for information about the shipping policies.

Please note that some countries add tax or customs charge for importing goods. Those charges will not be covered by Pedal Projects. The buyer is responsible for any extra fees that may be applied once the order enters their country.

How long does it take for my order to arrive?

For orders within Europe and USA, the order might take around 7-10 days to arrive. Don't worry if it is taking a few days longer because that can happen. 

Other countries outside USA and EU, that are located in Asia, South-America and around Australia may need to wait a bit longer.

Can a buy a Pedal Projects product locally?

Possibly! Please go to the dealers page to see a list of dealers that carry Pedal Projects products.

Can I get a custom pedal?

At the moment, we aren’t taking any custom orders. There are still a few long overdue custom orders that need to be fulfilled before we start taking them again.

When will [insert pedal name] be back in stock?

This all depends on the pedal. Those pedals who are most popular will sell out faster than the others. Build time of each pedal also varies since they’re of different size and have different amounts of stuff inside to put together. We try our best to keep a reasonable flow of building for each model to minimise “out of stock” labelling. 

Asking for a specific date unfortunately will not help as we cannot guarantee a timeframe.

Where can I view the tracking number for my order?

Once the package has been shipped, the tracking number will be attached to the PayPal transaction and you will most likely receive an e-mail from PayPal, to let you know about the shipping status.

Can I preorder a pedal?

We don’t take pre-orders because we prefer to sell pedals that are in stock and available to ship right away. The reason is simply that people don’t all have the same amount of patience and sometimes, an accurate timeframe can’t be guaranteed. Fair?

“I’m a musician, can I get a discount?”

Pedal Projects has a strict stand when it comes to discounting for artists. Since this is a business, we expect to see something in return. If an artist gets a discounted product, we expect him/her to get the word out, tell people and show it off. If you’ve got this question in your head, just think if you can give something back. 

“My pedal produces a popping sound when hitting the stompswitch”

This isn’t meant to happen and the footswitches are wired so to minimise the chance of this happening, as well as having a pulldown resistor. With this said, popping can occur and there’s so much in the guitar signal chain that can affect. This is not a cause for a return or fix.

“My pedal won’t turn on! / My pedal doesn’t work!”

Before deeming the pedal broken, please go through a few steps to ensure the problem isn’t elsewhere.

1. Check ALL cables

2. Check power supply. Try another one to be sure!

3. Open the pedal and visually inspect if you can see a burnt component. Don’t mess with the circuit though!

If nothing works, please contact and explain what the problem is as clearly as possible.