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See those lights in the photo above? That's Flateyri, a small town in the north-west of Iceland, where Pedal Projects is located.

The town is in a fjord named Önundarfjörður, with vast mountains, sea and stunning nature. The photo above was taken March 17th 2015 when the northern lights were immense, bright and colourful. This is a regular occurrence over winter time.

Below is an embedded Google maps of Flateyri, for those interested.

Pedal Projects started in July 2011 merely as a hobby, to find out what these little boxes with electronic circuits do. This little hobby has snowballed ever since then into the company it is today, owned by Ásgeir and Hrefna.

Ásgeir spent the whole of 2013 working full time at Pedal Projects with no salary. All of the income went towards keeping the brand going, expanding an investing in new designs and ideas.

In 2014, Pedal Projects became a registered business in Iceland, with a range of products. That same year, Pedal Projects started acquiring dealers to sell the pedals in shops, to make them available to people locally.

Now in 2016, the goal is to keep offering quality guitar pedals that are all hand built from scratch. We will do our best to improve the design of each pedal until we hit the limits of our imagination.